Christ Community Church

Paradise Resort, Sun City AZ

Christ Community Church Service December 08, 2019

on December 8, 2019

Click the arrow to the right of the speaker sign below to hear audio recordings of the study. To “pause” while listening to an audio recording click at the end of the bar, click the arrow again to resume playing audio recording.

Click here to see Sunday Bulletin December 08 2019

Worship Through Music

Special Music: Ethel Dew

Organist: Phyllis Kemp
Pianist: Jeanne Greene

Sermon “Four Women and a Savior” Luke 7:36-8:3

I. The Nameless Woman Saw SALVATION Lk 7:36-50
II. Joanna Saw the CRUCIFIXION Lk 23:49
III. Mary Magdalene Saw the RESURRECTION Jn 20:1-18
IV. Susanna Saw the NEED TO SUPPORT JESUS Lk 8:3

Lessons for Today

  1. Pride blinds our eyes to sin. Prov 16:18
  2. Humility gives us freedom and peace. James 4:6
  3. True faith is evidenced by a willingness to follow Christ. John 10:27

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