Christ Community Church

Paradise Resort, Sun City AZ

Christ Community Church Service June 30, 2019

on June 30, 2019

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Click here to see Sunday Bulletin June 30 2019

Worship Through Music

Special Music: Chuck Sampson and Pastor David

Organist: Phyllis Kemp
Pianist: Ruth Cotten

Sermon “The Day of the Lord” I Thess 5:1-11

I. A Warning to UNBELIEVERS vs 1-3
III. A Warranty to EVERY BELIEVER vs 9-11

Lessons for Today

  1. To remain in unbelief is like putting blinders on and walking on the edge of a cliff. II Thess 1:7-9
  2. What people are determines how they act. I Ptr 2:1-3
  3. Let’s live according to our destiny. II Tim 1:8, 9

2 responses to “Christ Community Church Service June 30, 2019

  1. Roger Ennis says:

    Good evening, I have not received your last two services. I miss them.
    Roger Ennis, Mason City, Iowa
    Have a nice week.

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