Christ Community Church

Paradise Resort, Sun City AZ

Christ Community Church Service April 16, 2017

on April 17, 2017

Click the arrow to the right of the speaker sign below to hear audio recordings of the study. To “pause” while listening to an audio recording click Pause symbol at the end of the bar, click the arrow again to resume playing audio recording.

Sermon “Empty Tomb = Equal Eternal Life” John 20:1-31

I. The Beginning of FAITH vs 1-10
II. The Beginning of JOY vs 11-18
III.The Beginning of EVANGELISM vs 19-23
IV. The Beginning of BELIEF vs 24-31

Lessons for Today:

  1. If your faith is genuine joy, belief, and evangelism will follow.
  2. An empty life becomes full when you believe the empty tomb.
  3. If there is NO resurrection there is NO Christianity.

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