Christ Community Church

Paradise Resort, Sun City AZ


“From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord’s name is to be praised.”

– Psalm 113:3

.Welcome to this new site dedicated to the Christ Community Church.

Located in the beautiful Paradise RV Resort in Sun City, Arizona, the Sunday morning worship service sees between 150 and 250 people attending – and growing!

Services are held on Sunday mornings in the resort’s Main Ballroom, beginning at 9:50 AM and anyone is welcome whether you live in the resort or not!

We are proud to have a wonderful choir accompanied by an accomplished pianist and led by a great choir director.

Our pastor, David Mitchell, has a firm grasp of Scripture, and teaches in an easy, understandable manner making each weekly sermon applicable to daily living.

The church is primarily operated by residents of the park, all of whom are dedicated volunteers. Our church would not be possible without their commitment and hard work.

In the future, this site will be home to audio clips of current and past services, and will be a forum for church news, upcoming events, and suggestions on how our church can continuously improve.

Thank you for visiting!

50 responses to “Welcome

  1. nonnarronna says:

    Love the services. How could I get the announcement info? I wasn’t fast enough to write down the particulars when it was on screen. Thanks! (in particular about Elder Care or Elder Law)

    • All of the announcements are in the bulletin except the one regarding the Park Helpers

      Monday January 14th is Attorney Lora Johnson on Elder Law 1:00 PM Multi purpose room
      Monday January 28th is getting your Ducks in a row on future care needs 1:00 PM Multi purpose room

      My apologies if you missed the one today.

  2. Dear friends at Christ Community Church,
    The Salvation Army is hosting a rare fundraising event at the Arizona Biltmore the evening of Thursday, May 17th, and we would be honored to have any members of the church congregation join us! Ticket information is available on the celebration website:

    Please feel welcome to share these details with anyone who might be interested in supporting and celebrating The Salvation Army’s 125 years of service here in Arizona. Thank you for caring for God’s people in need.

  3. Judy Kimes says:

    Blessings to you all dear Christ Vhurch family. We miss you all so much and pray often for you snd the prayer requests Sud sends.

    We won’t be there to worship with you and especially my being in the choir— what a blessing singing together for our Lord. Our dear daughter Jami needs us this year as she walks thru her medical health venture. The Lord shows us Hid wisdom and we’re still praying for the drs wisdom especially regarding the correct meds to help her instead of not. Also my eyes are acting up again —drs need to figure right drops etc.

    Our dear grandson Kadinis in Pierce County Jail— I will never stop
    Praying for him to walk the path the Lord wants. He told me tonight at Bible Study he shared his life verse Prov 3:5&6 and shared how he needs to walk with the Lord daily and 2 menacceptedthe Lord. Praising the Lord.

    Blessings and love to each of you dear ones. We may come to AZ in March and maybe afew days in April — we’ll see what the Lord plans.
    Glenn and Judy Kimes ✝️✝️✝️💕

    • Judy, we did receive your note of love and blessings. We are so disappointed you and Glenn won’t be able to be with us this season. We will put you on our prayer list and pray for healing for your daughter, you and your grandsons strength during a most difficult time. We will pray God’s conviction on his heart during this time and that someone will minister to him while he is away from loved ones. Take care and let us know how you are doing. In His Service. David & Hazel

  4. Nicole price says:

    Can you post your sermons on YouTube so my dad bill koeppen can watch at home?

  5. Everett and Darlene Endris says:

    Everett and Darlene Endris from Cedar Lake, IN.
    We love this Church here in Paradise RV park, so thankful to God for leading us here! Enjoying Pastor David’s sermons on Revelation, Everett has wanted and asked our preachers back home to preach on Revelation and none would do it, he is thrilled to see that Pastor David is preaching it and so good! I gave the website to our family and our middle Daughter has listened to a lot of the sermons and learning a lot. Our oldest daughter who drove out with us heard him here in the park and is now listening to the CDs. Thank you so much for putting these on the website! We really appreaciate it!

  6. Karen Arbuckle says:

    We are new at paradise rv. The
    Church service is wonderful.
    I would like to purches the CD on Revelation when Pastor David has
    finished . Also do you have a church
    Phamplet for the 1st & 2nd week
    of January . The begining of the
    Revelation message?
    Thank you
    Go Bless

    Were are in tha dog park, # 2106

    • Hi thank you for listening. Yes, we will be happy to give you the church bulletin for the first weeks of January and CDs as well. We will look for you at church and look forward to meeting you and getting to know you better. David and Hazel.

  7. Linda Briggs says:

    Thank you Hazel I love the sight.

  8. Roger and Beverly Ennnis says:

    Happy Holidays to my friends at church. We enjoy your sermons and music very much. I check the web-site every week for all the information at is provided. Only wish we could return to Paradise for the winter, but due to health issues we feel we should stay in Iowa. Thanks again!
    Roger and Beverly Ennis
    Mason City, Iowa

    • Roger and Beverly, It is so good to hear from you. May you have a very Merry Christmas and may the Lord bless you in the New Year. Thank you so much for your encouraging words and listening on line. Please let us know if there is anything we can pray about for you. In His Service D & H

  9. Tom & Betty Jo Ham says:

    Looking forward to seeing all of you again after the first of Nov. God bless you all! Tom

  10. Donovan & Cheryl Dicken says:

    What has happened to Sunday Service Postings?

    • David and Hazel have been away and we did not have recordings for Sunday June 9th & 16 and no Bible Study for June 13th & 20th. Sunday, June 23 will be uploaded June 25th. We will resume Bible Studies in the Book of Nehemiah on Thursday June 27th and postings should resume on regular schedule this week. Thank you for listening and we hope you are having a great summer. We look forward to your return. D & H

  11. Roger D. Ennis says:

    I enjoy your sermons and the music very much. I have changed my e-mail adress to the following. Old address was and the NEW e-mail address is
    Please send my a reply so that I know you received the change.
    Thank you and have a GREAT DAY
    Roger D. Ennis, Mason City, Iowa

  12. watkr says:

    I am sitting in Somerset, KY on May 13 and just now beginning the study of Revelation. As usual, David’s ministry of teaching is clear and inspiring. Thanks for posting it online. Also, I commend Hazel for outstanding lay out of the church’s web site.

    • Thank you for your kind words. We Praise the Lord for allowing us to be with Christ Community and love all its people. Please let us know if you have any questions on the sound files. Also, the first chapter recordings are not as good as the last ones as we were learning to use the software and the devise. It does get less “choppy” and less back ground noise the longer we get into the Book of Revelation. May God richly bless your studies. David and Hazel

  13. Wally and Perky Hoffman says:

    I don’t know what we have done here in Paradise R/V resort to be blessed by such a strong, God filled Pastor. Whatever it was thank you Jesus for sending him.

    Wally and Perky Hoffman

  14. bobbie and Peggy Harmon says:

    Pastor David and Hazel, When were not in church we are listing to you on our comp. We love this site.When ever we are on the road we can listen to your word. Thank you both for this site.

  15. watkr says:

    I was blessed by the violin special today. It reminded me of this experience.

    1993—A Musical Gift to Remember
    Sometimes it is more effective to say nothing; and instead, do something to make an impact upon the lives of other people.

    Rev. Arturo Taborda visited the United States as a Colombian commissioner to the 1993 General Assembly meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas. Simultaneous, the Women’s Convention of Cumberland Presbyterian Church also met in the same city. Rev. Taborda had been invited, along with three Colombian women, to share their testimonies with the attendees. While the women were willing to speak, Rev. Taborda, a quiet saintly gentleman, preferred to listen and play several selections on his violin rather than talk.

    The women took turns articulating their personal experiences with Christ and when they finished, the silver-headed Rev. Taborda tenderly carried his violin onto the stage. He smiled cautiously and said in broken English, “I play Mozart and a hymn.” He would be the last event of the morning’s activities.

    Rev. Arturo had reached the age when his thick curly hair was totally silver and always combed in a natural flow from the front to the back without a part. His brazen eyebrows also gleamed in the stage light. It was not his custom to smile as he played, but instead his personality seemed to disappear into a focus of concentration on the music he had chosen.

    His performance was filled with an intense emotion as all eyes were fixed upon the violin of this pastor from one of the poorest barrios of Medellin, Colombia, an area called Zamora. This is a dangerous district that is often frequented by henchmen of then drug lord, Pablo Escobar. No doubt some of the drug venders had heard of the ministry of Rev. Taborda and his effort to assist people escape from the dangers of the drug culture.

    Following the presentation, the Colombians exited the conference center and stood visiting in the entry hall. I was in their company, but observing the attendees as they left, halfway ignoring their conversation, hoping to capture a visual sense of the impact of their presentations.

    Most of the conferees had left when I noticed a middle aged woman coming toward us. She caught my attention because she looked like someone leaving a rodeo arena. She had on tight faded blue jeans, a western patterned shirt and some heavily beaded black unpolished cowboy boots. She was a contemporary cowgirl ready for a day on the ranch, except for spurs and a leather hat. She walked slowly with a stiffness that testified a few years in the saddle.

    It soon became apparent that the woman was crying. Tears were pouring with enough frequency that she had a Kleenex and was blotting as she walked up. Dabbing at her eyes, she said, “Dr. Watkins, would you please translate and tell Rev. Taborda what just happened to me during his presentation?” She said “When I came to the service today, my heart was not in it. A little over a year ago my father died after a long bout with cancer, and I have not been able to get over my loss and grief. I have been depressed and nearly unable to function as a wife or a mother. But, today, when Arturo took the stage, something incredible happened. My father played the violin. And, when Arturo began to play Gaither’s Because He Lives, I Can Face Tomorrow, I recalled that was Dad’s favorite hymn.”

    She paused, but not to wipe her tears; instead, for the first time, since she approached, she smiled ever so faintly.

    “As Arturo played, it was as if I felt the Holy Spirit descend, rest upon my shoulders, and then depart with the burden of my grief! Oh, I am still crying, but now the pain has been replaced with a certainty of hope and thanksgiving. I just wanted to say thanks,” she continued.

    We paused and prayed. Then she was gone, carrying the unwrapped and quiet gift of Don Arturo, a man who could not speak English but whose violin resonated hope.

    Bob Watkins #1356

  16. Roger D. Ennis says:

    Good morning, We sure enjoy your Sunday service, music and etc. Thanks for taking time to e-mail the service that you have prepared. Roger Ennis. Past resident of Paradise RV Park.
    Our home is Mason City, Iowa

    Thank you very much.

    • Thank you for your encouraging comment. We are always so appreciative when we hear that others are listening. We were a little late in getting this past Sunday service up due to travel. Thank you for listening. Pastor David and Hazel

  17. Roger & Beverly Ennis says:

    We are very happy to receive the special music and sermon from Paradise RV resort. Due to health problem we were not able to make to the park this past winter.
    God Bless, Roger and Beverly Ennis
    Mason City, Iowa

    • Roger and Debbie, We appreciate your kind words and hope that you will be able to join us again in “Paradise” when health permits. We are excited about this new opportunity and have been truly blessed by so many this past year. We look forward to your return and getting to know you then. Pastor David & Hazel

  18. Roger & Beverly Ennis says:

    Thank you so much for having the special music and sermon on the internet. We are former residents of Paradise RV. Due to health problems we were not able to be at the park this past winter. Happy to hear that services are now being held in the summer.
    God Bless, Roger and Beverly Ennis
    Mason City, Iowa

  19. Linda Kraemer says:

    We just have to share what God is doing in our home church… WE had 19 baptisms today, numerous baby dedication and recognition of graduates. God has bless us with a NEW worship leader and a full time youth minister. HIS name is being preached and proclaimed thru HIS faithful servants.. We still miss Christ Community, but before we can turn around twice it will be time to return… Praying everyone is well..

  20. Aileen Hahn says:

    I cannot express to you how blessed I am to be able to continue listening to our pastor, David, deliver God’s message to me via this website. Hazel, thank you for taking the time to set this up and make it possible. To our pastor, God’s message that you present, your knowledge of God’s teachings, and your genuine love for the Lord Jesus Christ is truly recognized and is an inspiration to me and I am sure others. Each day I wake up and ask myself, ” What would the Lord Jesus want me to do for him today.” For the only real pleasure in life is doing God’s will. I continue to be excited about “opening my Bible” and learning more about who the Lord Jesus is and how I can better serve him. He is a never changing God working in this ever changing life.
    May you have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you again this fall. Aileen

    • Aileen, we are so pleased to hear you are continuing to listen to God’s word online. It is such an encouragement to both David and I. We miss our friends who have left for the summer but we are having a successful summer “expansion” of services at the Park. We know your prayers and the prayers of others is making the continuation of summer services a great success. We look forward to seeing you again in the fall and please have a safe and happy summer in His care. H & D

  21. Linda Hall says:

    Is there a way to give to the church online? I would like to, and maybe some snowbirds would like to continue their support this way thru the summer. David is an amazing Bible scholar and gifted teacher. I feel blessed to sit under his teaching when I can. I don’t live in the park so I’m glad someone told me about it. Everyone keep inviting outsiders; they will be blessed also.
    Grace and Peace,

    • Linda, We will look into this request. It is so kind of you to want to support our church. I will see if anything can be set up but at this point we do not have a way to do this. Let me pass your request on and I will get back with you as soon as possible as many of those who are “in charge” are gone for the summer and we will need to communicate via email. Thank you also for your kind words regarding David’s ministry. May God Bless you greatly. Hazel

    • Linda, We have checked into giving and as I thought we do not have a system for donations online. However, you may send a check to the following address:

      Paradise RV Resort
      Christ Community Church Attn: Treasurer
      10950 W. Union Hills Dr. #2592
      Sun City, Arizona 85373

      Again, thank you for your encouragement and continued prayers. D & H

  22. Linda Kraemer says:

    We miss Christ Community Church, but we continue to serve in our hometown church.. God is blessing us at home, as he did in Paradise… Keep those links coming.. See you in the fall… L&L

  23. Clll & Helena Mulder says:

    We are now in our home at Pipestone Mn. We miss pastor David ! Even though we like our Pastor as well
    By the way what version Bible does Pastor David use. We want to get one as it makes it a little easier to follow along.
    Thanks Hazel for the work you as well.
    Cliff & Helena

    • Thank you for your wonderful expression of love. David uses the New American Standard Bible (1995). We hope you have a wonderful and blessed summer and look forward to seeing you this fall. May God watch over you. D & H

  24. Sorry that more people have not left a reply. We are looking forward to having this site available to us when we are home in Iowa this summer.

    Donovan & Cherie Dicken

    • Thank you Cherie & Donovan. We have truly been blessed to be allowed the privilege of doing this website. We thank you for your support and look forward to the fall when all our new friends such as y’all return. We love you “in Christ”.

  25. julia Krantz says:

    hazel this Julia Krantz I finnaly got the church web it was the search site I was using. so I can get now thanks.

  26. Bernie Elrod says:

    Thank you so much for thinking of me and sending me this information concerning the church there at Paradise.
    I do miss everyone and think of everyone so much. Tell everyone hello for me.
    Love in Christ,
    Bernie Elrod

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